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Balance your hormones with Dr. Turner's bestselling books


The Carb Sensitivity Program:

If diet after diet has failed you … it’s not the calories, it’s the carbs!

Bestselling author and naturopathic doctor Natasha Turner is back, with a revolutionary discovery about the carbs that make and keep you fat. Did you know that healthy foods such as sweet pota­toes, black beans or quinoa could be making you fat? Renowned health expert Dr. Natasha Turner has made a remarkable discovery that can help curb cravings, control appetite and beat belly fat in just six weeks. The Carb Sensitivity Program helps you uncover the right carbohydrates for your body, and walk away with a personalized plan that sheds body fat, increases energy and optimizes health by producing quick, consistent and lasting weight loss. More than just a diet, the CSP is a carb rehab program that actually repairs your metabolism and helps you reintroduce carbs without rebound weight gain, cravings, water retention and mood swings. Now you can finally achieve your best body—for life.


The Supercharged Hormone Diet:

The Hormone Diet taught us the ins and outs of how and why our hormones play the biggest part in our weight-loss woes - a valuable resource and diet guide to our hormones and how they affect our health. Now, an instant bestseller, The Supercharged Hormone Diet allows us to start losing weight as soon as we crack open the book. In this busy, fast-paced world, we don't always have time to research the science behind our diets or solving all of the reasons why we are fat. We want to lose weight sooner and faster. Dr. Turner has created an accelerated hormone diet that promotes eating the right foods at the right times to power up your fat burning hormones, selecting the best supplements to support your hormones and combat toxic weight gain, plus the best hormone-friendly, toxin-free skincare options. This high protein, high fiber program begins to restore hormonal balance by your very first meal! Her key tips for sleep and exercise, complete four-week meal plan and wellness tracker to help you stay on top of your goals encompasses just a small portion of the incredibly practical and effective guidelines that make The Supercharged Hormone Diet. It gives you exactly what you need - a quick-start diet plan with a thirty-day time frame to restore your metabolism – and your health.


 The Hormone Diet:

With hormonal imbalance, the risk of conditions associated with aging – cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis or heart disease – is magnified. If our hormones are in balance, we have the potential to age gracefully and remain youthful. The complete fat-loss and preventative health guide for men and women has finally arrived. What's the secret? It's in your hormones!

In The Hormone Diet, Natasha Turner lays out a fool-proof plan to balance your life, one hormone at a time. But it is more than just a diet book. Along with advice for weight loss, Turner provides recommendations for an anti-inflammatory detox, nutritional supplements, exercise, sleep, stress management, toxin-free skin care and natural hormone replacement, along with a personalized diet plan - all incorporated into a complete 3-step wellness program focused on the essentials of hormonal balance for lasting health and fat loss. A national bestseller, this book is loaded with the latest scientific research and recommendations to finally help you acheive the look you have been longing for!

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