Our Natural Approach to Restoring Hormonal Health

At Clear Medicine we appreciate the interconnectedness of hormones and the number of bodily functions that they influence – it is not only our passion, but also our forte. For instance, we recognize that the standard treatment for a seemingly uncomplicated hormonal issue such as hypothyroidism—simply replacing thyroid hormone—is by no means the complete solution. In fact, many times it leaves the patient feeling unfulfilled and struggling with symptoms, despite being in the “normal” range on their blood test.

Instead we begin by working to detoxify the patient’s liver and digestive system; to balance his or her stress hormone levels with good sleep and stress management; to level out blood sugar and insulin; to replenish the nutrients needed to make thyroid hormone; and to treat PMS or any other signs of sex hormone imbalance. If the patient is still experiencing unresolved symptoms, we will address the specific hormone deficiency (such a hypothyroidism). We believe this approach provides a lasting health fix because each one of these factors influences our hormones. Jumping right into treating hypothyroidism would be like building a house on sand. The foundation would constantly be shifting and would require constant repair. But helping a person achieve overall hormonal balance makes specific treatment for one specific hormone unnecessary in some cases. We also incorporate a combination of modalities to create a personalized prescription for hormonal health –which may include a nutrition prescription, detoxification, sauna therapy, bio-identical hormones, supplements, stress management, exercise and more.

Our broad and multifaceted approach to hormonal health addresses the interrelationship between our hormones and so many functions in the body, and has helped thousands of patients restore total balance and long-term health.

You can find out more about our Lifestyle System here or contact us at 416.579.9105 or via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to book an appointment.

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